GA Status, Educational Credit for Families of Children Receiving Special Education.

News in Education 04-22-2021

The Governor’s office in partnership with the Georgia Department of Education has worked on identifying the best ways to help the families of the most impacted students during the circumstances of COLVIT-19.
According to estimates there is a population of approximately 222,000 students who receive special education in the State of Georgia.
The state has designated 10 million Dollars to offset the cost of expenses incurred for parents /Guardians of Students with disabilities during the circumstances of school closures due to COLVIT-19.
Parents and Guardians who found expenses related to the circumstances of the Health emergency can claim a refund for qualifying expenses during the period of the school year starting on March 13, 2020 until the present year 2021.

  • · To Qualify it requires that student have been enrolled during the 2020 school year or currently attending the 2021 School year.
  • · The student must participate in a Special Education program and retain an IEP individualized education program.

For parents who have multiple students enrolled in the school with an individualized education programs IEP, the form covers up to 3 students. Receipt for expenses for each student are required.

Examples of expenses incurred:
A tablet to access educational classes.

Information from the Department of Education.
Complete applications are required and require Data Entry. Including scanned copies of Receipt invoices.

  • · Information required to process the application: 
  • · Name of the District in which the College is located. 
  • · Name of the College 
  • · Student’s Last Name as registered in the District. 
  • · GTID/ State ID, Student Exam Identification Number. The number is in students report card. 

Required to scan/copies of expense receipts incurred that must be included with the application in the forms Pdf, jpg, Files.

Full applications will be accepted until May 14, 2021.
For additional information refer to the GA, Department of Education site.

The Spanish version of this post can be found in resources.

Information is related to public information that is not exempt from disclosure.

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