April Newsletter

In This Issue
  • Advantages of state testing
  • Testing is part of learning it let’s students demonstrate what they  know.
  •  Provides valuable Data of students learning deficits.
  • Identifies struggling  students.
  • Provides data on struggling Schools.
  • Data  identifies struggling populations in community’s.
  • The  Data collected from  states is used to provide resources in the form of funding, grants for Schools.
  •  It is used for accountability measures in learning.

Education Cannot be deemed equal if it is not equal. Especially for the most vulnerable and marginalized..."

United Nations
Advantages of State testing.

In the age of Covid-19, we can agree educational challenges have been unprecedent. This is true for students that struggle with learning, and for children that are economically disadvantaged. Such as African American children and migrant populations. The current Health emergency has widened the preexisting educational gap.

The unforeseen circumstances brought up by the Pandemic has demonstrated the inequality’s in education. Most importantly it has provided the opportunity for reform, collaboration from leaders, educators, parents. In assuring we as a community address the inequality’s that many children experience. Testing has an important role if we are to identify the barriers in learning with the mindset of  helping children overcome the challenges there are experiencing .

On the subject of Testing all opinions count. We must look at the subject  not as the obstacle but as a valuable tool for State educational leaders, educators, parents to have a clear picture of what the educational  deficiency’s, needs of students are.

In the structure of the educational systems  Data drives programs in learning.; data is the base in funding for states, schools districts. Is used for distribution of funding for programs and provision of aid for struggling  community’s. Including schools accountability measures for states, schools, districts in providing equitable, appropriate education for students.

For educators, parents testing will provided valuable information as were the students existing learning deficiency’s are. Most importantly this information would aid in providing target remediation in learning for many children.

Many districts are providing the option of parents to opt out of testing withow providing and explanation as how testing is used. The role of testing has a big profound impact in education . We must know were we are to know were we need to go. If we hope to help children overcome learning loss and gain the skills needed for  them to succeed .  


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